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Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRThe editorial in every magazine is comprised of a number of parts – built on either news or feature paradigms. A typical trade title might include, but isn’t limited to, business news, letters, case studies, product news and opinion columns. There could also be everything from competitions and reader offers to cartoons and humour.

So why then are most technical PR campaigns comprised of only product press releases and case studies, with the occasional opinion piece thrown in when a journalist specifically requests one? Clearly, these only target the product, case study and opinion pages. Is the rest of the magazine not somewhere you want to appear?

I think that Seth Godin’s definition of the lizard brain has a lot to do with it. Godin isn’t quite a traditionalist in his definition, but broadly speaking he uses this phrase to mean the ingrained habit of self protection. In Godin’s definition, the lizard brain is the thing that tells us not to take risks, even if those risks are minimal and will lead to significant benefits.

I believe it’s the lizard brain that says the only way to generate technical PR coverage is to issue product press releases. So, next time you are planning a campaign, put your lizard brain aside and consider which parts of a magazine you can target with the concept – you might be surprised at what you come up with.

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