The king (Page Rank) is dead, long live the king!

I read an interesting post yesterday from Chris Rand, a blogger for whom I have a lot of time. His post argued that Page Rank as a Web site optimisation tool is dead. And it is, Google has said so several times.

But it isn’t really. Not completely.

Page Rank as the be all and end all indicator of a web site’s health is no more. However, the factors which effect page rank, such as the number of inbound links to your Web site, as still very important. So, while Google no longer takes account of Page Rank in its algorithm, it is still a good indication of a web site’s inbound link health.

Page Rank is also a good indication that Google knows the page is there and hasn’t added it to the infamous sandbox. You will find that the minute your pages start getting Page Rank of their own (as opposed to your home page having ranked) they will start turning up for longer tail search terms.

Finally, the debate still rages on how often Google actually re-assesses the Page Rank of an individual page. Some people argue that it’s as infrequent as every nine months, others that it’s as often as every three. My money is on a variable rate of re-assessment depending on how important Google considers your site to be.

So, long live the (actually, genuinely, dead) king.

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