The importance of an editorial calendar in Blogging

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRToday I had a lovely e-mail from a reader who commented on how useful they are finding these daily Blog updates. Okay, own-trumpet-blowing session over. However, one comment this reader made was, ‘how do I find time to write the Blog every day’? This is a good question, which I often have to answer when prospective clients ask me about the Blogs they are considering commissioning me to produce on their behalf.

The answer is pretty straightforward; I use an editorial calendar.

For me, the calendar says that I write about Blog/web site optimisation on Mondays, technical PR on Tuesdays, social media or e-mail marketing on Wednesdays, technical design or advertising or PR on Thursdays and media moves on Fridays. Simples.

As a result of knowing what to write about, future ideas can be easily stored away as they come up and, when I am short on inspiration I at least know what subject I need to be inspired about. If I didn’t have a calendar I would find myself casting about for an idea every day without even knowing which area of the marketing mix to write about. Of course, a Blog doesn’t need to be daily, or even weekly. But the principle is the same.

So, the key to regular blogging is planning. Of course, as all rules can be broken, a Blog calendar can be ignored. After all, there’s not a lot in today’s post related to design!

So, thanks to the reader who prompted this post and thanks also to all the other readers who receive the e-mailed version of this Blog every day. If you do enjoy the Blog pass it on to your colleagues, clients and anyone else you think might find it interesting. They can subscribe here.

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