A very useful resource of vintage INDUSTRIAL adverts! That’s right, INDUSTRIAL adverts!

I don’t get excited by things I read about advertising on the Internet very often. Mainly because it’s always about selling more fast moving consumer goods to children whose heads are already full of cola bottles, kite flying and wireless programmes (or whatever they get up to these days).

However, today I’m deeply, deeply excited. I’ve come across a resource of vintage adverts, via the ever reliable Seth Godin, which is packed with adverts for industrial products from a time gone by.

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRDo you want to see how power resistors were advertised years ago – here you go. Fancy taking a look at SKF’s ads from year’s gone by – there here! How about finding out about how transformers were advertised during the war? That’s here as well! Mind you, there are a couple of robots in disguise under that last search term you might need to look out for (make sure you scroll down past the first two ads!)

So, next time you’re drafting an advert and you are stuck for inspiration, take a second to see how the old timers did it. After all, it’s not just about cola bottles, kite flying and wireless programmes you know!

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