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How do I use Feedburner as part of a Blogging or engineering PR campaign?Many of the people reading this Blog are doing so via Feedburner; a syndication tool that allows anyone who owns an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to transfer their feed content into e-mail or feed form, so that interested parties can read it in their inbox or feed reading service.

So, I thought it would be worth talking a little bit about Feedburner today; what it can be used for and what it can’t be used for. Firstly, it isn’t a replacement for your existing e-mail marketing. The e-mail that it produces is much too simple to do that – you should consider it as a compliment to your existing e-mail strategy rather than a replacement. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer the same kind of subscription facilities that good e-mail marketing software provides.

Neither is it a replacement for press release issuing; you can’t just add all of the journalists you want to communicate with to your Blog feed for instance. There are several reasons for this. Prime among them are that Feedburner doesn’t handle images very well (and can’t include high-res attachments), users have to subscribe so adding new journalists is very difficult and you can’t control the exact message a particular journalist sees as you can with e-mail, or even fax and post.

So, what is this Feedburner tool useful for? It sounds pretty rubbish so far!

Well, the way technical PR firms act on behalf of their clients has changed substantially over the last couple of years, hand in hand with the way B2B prospects buy things. Once, all one needed to do was shout the loudest about our own niches within a niche and the job was done. This was normally achieved via outreach through the media, trade shows and direct marketing. Now, consumers have the almighty power of research to hand constantly. Thanks to Google, we may as well all live next door to the Bodleian library.

As a result, marketing communications now need to reach customers directly as well as via a compelling medium such as the trade press. We need the right content to be available when they search and we need to build communities that they trust to help them make decisions. If you are already putting the right content online, a Feedburner feed direct from your Web site or Blog creates another community for your customers to become involved in – it’s another way to use your press material as direct to customer content. So, it’s worth investigating.

And by the way, if you are a Stone Junction customer already, all of the Blogs I run now have feeds available from them. If you aren’t, then perhaps it’s time to get in touch (cheesy marketing message over...)

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