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Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRAre you tired of having an agency that just issues press releases? Do you long for something with more powerful and compelling content? Feature+, a new PR service designed for companies who feel that case studies, opinion pieces and feature articles are more effective for them than press releases, is the answer. Instead of blanket mailing news to hundreds of journalists, we simply write a more comprehensive feature article every month and place it in the most appropriate areas of the media.

The first stage of the process is to identify the applications, technical innovation and strongly held opinions that could be the basis of a feature article. We then cross reference these opportunities with our own database of forthcoming features, planned by the trade media. When we have identified the stories that will make the best feature articles, Stone Junction takes the process from there. Our clients rarely have to make time to do anything other than being involved in creative development and approving the story when it’s written.

Ideal for SMEs and small companies, a Feature+ campaign contains twelve articles, issued at a rate of one every four weeks, and normally results in approximately 2880 column centimetres (36 pages) of coverage. The campaign costs just £1100 per month and contains an initial message development session, twelve articles including placement and follow up, a press clippings service and a day spent meeting journalists. Also included is the photographic touch up work needed to develop the required imagery and photographs, a formal monthly report, a monthly telephone meeting and whatever ad-hoc consultation is needed to run the campaign.
Alternatively, if Features+ is outside your price range, thanks to the credit crunch, get in touch with Stone Junction and ask about Sustain, a holistic PR solution to suit smaller budgets.

And finally, if you agree to begin work before Christmas, the service is available for just £999 – a saving of over £1000 per year. That’s the equivalent of 36 pages of trade press coverage for just £999 per month!

Contact Stone Junction on 020 8699 7743, quoting Features+, or e-mail

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Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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