Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRHartmut Pannen, the recently appointed managing director of Trumpf's UK Company, told ManufacturingTalk this morning he had recently toured some 100 UK companies that have sheet-metal working shops. He said he was astounded by the new equipment in use; also, that much of the equipment seen was under five years' old. He added he was also impressed by these companies' enthusiasm for getting things done. What Pannen could not understand was why none of this news was being published in the UK's national media.

As a PRO working in manufacturing I can wholeheartedly reaffirm Pannen’s comment. Coverage of manufacturing and engineering in the dailies is very poor.

Clearly, if you are a British, listed manufacturer it’s easy enough to get coverage. However, it’s slightly harder to get clippings that mention both the share price and the technology, although there are plenty of companies that do – Renishaw for instance do a great job.

However, there are opportunities for national coverage for everyone involved in Manufacturing - listed or not. It’s just that they are far more limited now than ever before. It takes a real nose for them to be honest, you have to dig out every column that could cover engineering and address them persistently. Of course, because you are then talking to columns that aren’t always about manufacturing, the number of engineers reading them is far fewer than they would have been on, say, the old FT technology page. That said Peter Marsh, the FT’s engineering correspondent, still does a great job of including case studies from all sorts of manufacturers as ‘contextualising’ pieces.

Anyway, rant over, I would be interested to know your thoughts.

Richard Stone - Stone Junction

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