What advice would you give?

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRAs it’s World Cup time I’ve been pondering two things recently. The first is whether I can really afford the time off to watch every single game. The answer, sadly, was no. The second is how important advice and coaching is in every realm of human endeavour.

When I was setting up my business, a small PR firm, I asked for advice from almost everyone I know. I even asked a couple of small business owners I already knew well to act as informal ‘coaches’ for me. One of the things I asked everyone was, ‘what’s the single most important thing to stay on top off if you want to succeed?’

All of the answers helped me. Responses included ‘your business plan’, ‘cash flow’ and ‘keeping your customers happy’. It was all good advice but no one said ‘time’.

Small business owners, and PR people for that matter, are notorious for working long hours. So everyone knows we are committed with our time, but are we clever it? I’ve found that I have to be. Furthermore, the more time saving tips I employ the more effective I become as a small business owner.

The first thing I cut out was driving. Actually, my car’s on eBay if you fancy an R Reg Rover. Being behind the wheel uses up hours of otherwise productive time. Say you leave London for a meeting in Birmingham by car. It probably takes three hours to get there and the same amount of time to get back. Imagine what you can achieve in six hours?

Once more the crux of the issue is technology. If you can take your office with you, travelling time can become really productive time.

So, on that note I will leave you to ponder how much of the World Cup you can really afford to watch. But before I go, there are two things I would like a bit of coaching on. The first is time and how you save it. The second is advice itself. If you were talking to someone who was setting up a small business what would you tell them?

(This post was originally produced for Stone Junction's BusinessLink for London Blog).

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