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Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRThis morning's FT featured an article about last year's national hero and face of Sainsbury's, Jamie Oliver. The article put forward the thesis that Oliver's work for the food giant is a particularly successful example of branded content that succeeds due to the cheeky chappy's tone of voice.

His conversational phrasing, claims The FT, allows him to cut through the general media melee. While l have no argument about the truth of this in Oliver's case, l would argue that it is also indicative of a growing, positive, trend in communications overall. This trend is most encouraging in B2B communications.

The evidence can be found on this page and on others like it. Blogging, as part of a pro-active marketing, plan is on the up. By both necessity and nature a Blog is conversational in tone.

However, beyond the InterSuperNetHighway there is also a growing inclination towards a conversational tone in media relations work. Again this is something that is beneficial to the industry and positive for the client’s results.

But back to the FT's article on our friend Jamie. To what do they attribute his conversational tone of voice? Well, mainly to the fact that his Dad owned a Pub. And I thought there would be some profound insight into marketing. Any ideas on other occupations a parent could hove that might drive you onwards in, and lend character to, your chosen career? Leave a comment...

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