More Jags for two Jags - possibly

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRI can't resist mentioning the furore over the choice of car being presented to UK Cabinet Ministers. Faced with either a £50K Jaguar or a £17.5K Toyota Prius (a hybrid vehicle that emits less carbon), several ministers seem to be taking decisions based on factors other than climate change. One minister said he would go for the Jag for ‘security reasons’.

Security in his context comes down to the size of the car and its ability to get away quickly in the event of a terror threat. Now there is a difference of almost three seconds in the ability of the two cars to go from 0-60. However, I wonder how often such acceleration is possible in the UK? Certainly not that frequently, not unless ministers are making state visits to motorways or long stretches of quiet A road. Perhaps the ministers choosing Jaguars should be more honest about their reasoning – they could avoid the media backlash that’s brewing.

Anyway, I thought at least one member of cabinet already had Two Jags?

Richard Stone - Stone Junction

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