All those in favour say Absolute Power

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRThose of you who were lucky enough to watch Stephen Poliakoff’s entertaining drama Gideon’s Daughter on Monday night, may have spotted a similarity between it and other portrayals of PR people in films and on television. Poliakoff’s drama, about a disillusioned PR man wanting to escape the high profile hell he had got himself into, continued to perpetrate the image of the sharp suited guru who somehow dislikes his own success. It was reminiscent of portrayals of PROs in Jersey Girl (2004) and Phone Booth (2002). Both featured people desperate to escape their own careers.

But why do we always end of up being dramatised like this? It’s not like we’re a mysterious industry. We are actually the third most popular choice of career for graduates. So, in the name of research, a scriptwriter could ask 35% of third year students what a PR person is really like and get a fairly accurate answer. Surely then, every dramatist out there can’t believe we are all tortured publicity geniuses, crucified by our own ability to get things published in Computer Weekly? Can they?

In reality, most PR people are ruthless, self serving, self publicists… erm, I mean perfectly well balanced individuals who just happen to have a job getting stuff in the papers. Personally, I prefer the images of PROs we find Bridgette Jones’ Diary (ditzy, twenty something slightly lost) and Will Self’s The Book of the Dead (tired fifty something, bored with writing press releases about thermal gloves).

I think Poliakoff’s unlikely characterisation must be fought if we are to escape it. I’m thinking of starting a campaign to bring back the image of PROs as happy go lucky G&T swigging champagne connoisseurs, content to spend their time in London Gentleman’s clubs talking in loud voices. All those in favour say, “Absolute Power”.

PS - If you are on the team behind Absolute Power, I did e-mail you begging to be on the show last series. If there is any justice in the world you will find me a role this year. I could be standing in the background or bringing Stephen Fry coffee… anything really. Cheers.

Richard Stone - Stone Junction

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching the mentioned program, and must admit, thats what I thought PR for the famous behaved like. Max clifford ring any bells? he's a right wolly.
I know quite a few people in the profession though, and must say they are pretty down to earth people who tend to overwork themselves to get ahead. Take the slavedrivers at Lewis Pr, they have created a family of PR miseries who speak in 'darling' tongue. It's all very boring, and quite fankly disturbing, go and get a proper job! I much prefer the way PR people are potrayed in programs like Ab Fab! If all PR darlings behaved this way, it would make the boring world of PR much more exciting! Finally,to all PR account hanlders who are working terribly long hours and are not lucky enough to have their own PR firm, why not become a nanny? Have you not seen the papers? Is'nt that what you do? qualified nannies now take home on average, £400-£500, per week net and have perks such as a car,gym membership and long holidays!visit www.nannyfiknowsbest.blogspot,that nanny will help you in the right direction!