National days: a useful resource?

There are many historical events that took place on March 23. In 1026, Koenraad II crowned himself King of Italy, the Aragonese legal code was formally recognised in 1534 and France and England formed an alliance against Spain in 1657. However, thanks to the power of social media, March 23 is now most commonly known as National Puppy Day. 

By Jessica Phillips, senior account executive at Stone Junction.

There are over 2,300 national days of significance or observation that are celebrated in the United Kingdom each year. While it's unlikely that we will be celebrating National Cream Puff Day anytime soon, businesses can use these events to promote themselves.

Social media

National days such as National Donut Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and National Hamburger Day all have a dedicated hash tag that social media users can include in their updates to show the world how they are partaking in these slightly strange traditions.

You can use the popularity of these hash tags to promote your business by interacting with the trend and getting your message in front of other social media users. However, if you are using #NationalBeerDay to promote yourself, don't use the hash tag alongside a completely unrelated sales message. Instead, post a photo of you and your colleagues enjoying a cold beverage after work. This way, you’ll stay relevant to the hash tag and get your business' name out there.

News jacking

There are now national day calendars that can be downloaded, free of charge, such as this one which has been collated by social media management platform, Sprout Social.

Use these calendars to plan ahead and be ready to jump on the back of any news items that arise as a result of a national day.

So while you might not be celebrating national lasagne day, or national father-in-law day anytime soon, if you would like help using national days to promote your business, get in touch with technical PR expert, Stone Junction on 01785 225416 or email us at

Jessica Phillips

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