Video marketing mythbusting

Modern life is full of myths that, over time, have become widely accepted as fact. Some, such as Henry Ford inventing the assembly line, are harmless misconceptions. However, others – like the idea that antibiotics treat the common cold – can create genuine problems. Likewise, the myths surrounding video marketing can deter businesses from making the most of what is becoming an increasingly valuable method of digital B2B marketing. So let’s bust some of those myths.

Myth one: YouTube is the place to be

YouTube isn’t the video marketing hotspot you might think it is. While it may be the perfect platform to live out your vlogging megastar fantasies or watch cats reacting to cucumbers, businesses are not necessarily going to get the results they need from this source.

In many ways, Facebook is much better equipped for video marketing – it’s easier to segment audiences, videos play automatically in a target audiences timeline and sharing is much easier. Behind the scenes, Facebook video also provides useful analytics that show at what point in your content viewers tended to lose interest and click off to watch more cat videos.

Alternatively, videos can consolidate e-mail marketing tactics to increase click-through rates to a web page and increase sales – something that YouTube alone can’t deliver directly.

Myth two: video marketing is all about advertisement

Once upon a time, a company’s video marketing was predominately done through TV advertisements. This is still commonplace, but video can now be used for storytelling or guidance – two approaches that work wonders for inbound content marketing.

A hand tools and hardware specialist, for example, could create a video demonstrating how to cut through certain materials that pose problems for contractors. Alternatively, a design engineering business could run down the top design problems in its core sectors in a way that is engaging while portraying brand character.

Myth three: It’ll eat up your marketing budget

The secret of modern video marketing that no one knows is that it doesn’t have to cost much at all. Not all video content that a business produces has to be expertly edited or have flawless sound quality so long as the message is strong.

Video editing suites are not as expensive as they once were and recording equipment is also more affordable. Never underestimate the usefulness of your smartphone either – they fit the requirements for a wide range of video styles and also allow you to take advantage of services like Facebook live. This can be a useful tactic for trade shows.

This is just the start - there are many more myths of video marketing that we haven’t touched upon here. If you are curious about what they are, get in touch with us at We’re always happy to bust some myths!

Jessica Phillips

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