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Is social media a bit of a gamble?
The other day, one of my friends seemed appalled that I was unfamiliar with Beyonce's new single, which was probably some song about love or other. My friend went on to tell me all about why Beyonce is the most amazing female specimen on the planet. The only thing that stuck with me was a lesson on social media, which I'll gladly share with you today.

By Charlie Stroe

Last year, Beyonce completely broke the mould and announced her new album on Instagram, rather than going through the traditional procedure of a mass media release, TV appearances and retail promotions. Despite not taking the travelled path, the album actually exceeded previous album sales.

This just confirms what we at Stone Junction have been telling you for ages – online media is more and more important every day. So how is your company taking advantage of this trend? What are you communicating to your audiences?

If you have all the relevant social media accounts, but not much on there, here are three ultra-fast ways to pimp your content.

Make interesting and relevant content available and easily accessible
Content is king, but making great content available across platforms is essential. Your company has written a white paper? Don't keep it locked away in the management safe, share it across platforms.

Even better, take this opportunity to gather relevant contacts. Use Pay with a Tweet, or let interested parties download the white paper in exchange for their email address.

Your press release was published in a trade magazine? Share, share, share! By doing so, you're making content available to your audience and strengthening your company's image as an industry leader.

Use photos as often as you can
It turns out the cliché about a photo being worth a thousand words is more than just a cliché. In fact, on social media platforms, the most shared, liked and commented on posts are usually ones that include a photograph. How many photos have you posted on Facebook and Twitter recently?

Don't be afraid of hashtags
But know how to use them properly. The rules are different for each social media platform. On Facebook, for example, one general hashtag per post is usually enough. Twitter and Instagram, on the other hand, encourage the usage of multiple, more industry-specific hashtags. Still, there's no need to go overboard, or you might annoy your audience. Finally, as you may know, LinkedIn briefly supported hashtags. Those days are gone, so leave the hashtags for other social media.

If you're still not convinced of the importance of social media or don't have the time to bother with a strategy, just give us a call on 01785 225416. We're more than happy to have a chat with you about social media and content sharing, whether you like Beyonce or not. I personally prefer The Doors and R.E.M.

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