YouTube Awards or how anybody can be famous

It finally happened; the first ever YouTube awards took place last night. However, the ceremony, which was mostly improvised, did not acknowledge any of those funny cats and dogs on roombas, much to my disappointment. It was however an MTV Music awards type event which focused on music videos.

By Oana Baetica 

Notably, this was an awards ceremony with a difference - rather than being broadcast on television it was streamed live online. And this said a lot about how we look at entertainment and perhaps, this is a glimpse of things to come.

From a business perspective, the awards ceremony highlights the importance of visual content more than ever before. Lady Gaga and Eminem have been YouTube darlings since the beginning of their careers, but perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here for all of us.

Creating a YouTube channel is a cheap and easy way of storing video content for your business. Even if it's as simple as Monthly Whiteboard Sessions or a tour around your factory floor, videos like these add value to your brand and increase the chance that a viewer will become subscriber. Your business may not reach Gaga notoriety, but it will build a small group of fans who will in turn become potential customers.

So before I go I leave you with this interesting article written about five years ago on YouTube's first attempt at the Awards. Enjoy!

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