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A wise man once said, ‘It’s better to live a day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep’. It’s too bad that the wise man in question was the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and he was actually talking about racial purity. My point is that while a catchy slogan can sometimes be more memorable than the product, it still represents a great way to be remembered.

By Charlie Stroe

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What if your slogan was honest?
Try to think of a memorable slogan. None spring to mind? How about Just do it. Or I’m loving it. Or Probably the best beer in the world. While you may not be the target audience of those particular brands, you can almost certainly name the products these slogans advertise.

Today’s post was inspired by Clif Dickens - the creator of Honest Slogans, a Tumblr page which pokes fun at famous brands by suggesting more realistic slogans for them. Check out his page, before deciding on your slogan. When it comes down to deciding on yours, try to keep it honest, or your choice might come back to bite you.

Despite the colossal amount of advertising we deal with every day and the rise of banner blindness, slogans remain an effective way of reaching your audience and making your message memorable. So what do you have to keep in mind when brainstorming for a one?

First of all, make sure you get some chocolate for everyone involved. While this step is pretty self-explanatory, it also helps because chocolate boosts dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is often referenced for stimulating creativity. While the science behind it is a bit wonky, thou shall not question this step, since it gets you chocolate.

When thinking of a new slogan, remember, remember, and keep your temper:

1. Make it simple 
It has to be short and easy to memorise. Connecting people. Challenge everything. Think different. Who knew two words could have such an impact?

2. Make it yours
Your slogan should say something about your company. It should be able to transmit the one and only most important thing about you. Impossible is nothing. Quality never goes out of style. Vorsprung durch technik. What does the last one mean? No idea, but it’s definitely German*. And that just happens to be what the company wants me to remember.

3. Make it memorable
Don’t be afraid to shock or surprise. When there is no tomorrow. Finger lickin’ good. Breakfast of champions. A funny, unusual or even a slightly rude slogan will always stand a better chance to be remembered.

Don’t be a slogan fascist, buy some chocolate and get to work.

(*Don’t believe the author of this piece – she is in fact a polyglot, Ed)

Maybe not this honest
How should your slogan to be?

Image courtesy of Clif Dickens on Honestslogans.com

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