Why we are going to be less friendly from now on

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This dog is grumpy. Not nice at all. 
According to PR Week and the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) the relationship between the client and the consultant isn’t the most important thing in the, erm... relationship between the client and... erm... the consultant. 

It makes me wonder why we call it the ‘client/consultant relationship’ then.

In all seriousness though Alex Benady, of PR Week, has this to say on the subject on personal chemistry:

“While 51 per cent of agency respondents thought it was the key ingredient, just 19 per cent of clients agreed. Meanwhile, 17 per cent of agencies thought 'regularity of communication' mattered, but only six per cent of clients did. It seems that agencies think they are having a relationship, while clients think they are having a transaction.”

I think it depends on the kind of client you are dealing with. My experience tells me that the larger the client business, the more concerned the client contact is with the transaction and the less focussed they are on the relationship.

Similarly, small businesses and SMEs that behave like large companies often share the characteristics of big business in this respect as well.

On the other hand, small firms and owner-founder led SMEs really care about this rapport. They are conscious of the value of their own time in explaining their business to the agency.

Probably the solution lies somewhere between the two viewpoints, although clearly the research suggests that, as a consultant, I’m more likely to overvalue the role of the ‘relationship’.

So perhaps the answer is for the team here at Stone Junction to be a bit less friendly from now on? Or perhaps not – I think I might stick to my guns and carry on believing that relationships between people are important.

You can read PR Week’s original story here.

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