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As I sit at my desk in Stone Junction HQ, I can hear industry bombarding us with requests for more Stone Junction blogs. “We want blogs,” industry chants as I try in vain to sip my tea in peace. Well, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but since the Stone Junction blog went a little quiet over the summer, we've been asked quite a few times why we decided to go blog-less for a short period of time. The answer is that we were busy breaking records. 

By Ashleigh Mcleod

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This is called a record, young un
Since August 7, we've issued 32 press releases, generated over 150 clippings for our clients, defined our company culture, improved our leadership skills and learnt from speeches delivered by some of the biggest figures in communications at Barclays, Diageo and the Government.

All of this was achieved at the same time as organising a successful event for membership body the CC-Link Partner Association and taking on two new, brilliant members of staff - Charlie and Zafar.

On a positive note, because of our time away from the blog, doing all of the above, we now have more marketing tips and advice to tell you about than ever before.

Today I thought I could share a post I read not so long ago, which explains how to make your content interesting. Written by the ever-inspiring Chris Rand at BMON, the post simply asks, ‘Why would anyone want to read this?’

Whilst this might sound like something pretty straight-forward, you’d be surprised how many professionals get this wrong during the content generation process.

Asking yourself this simple question can make a dramatic difference to your content. Rand also suggests provoking your creativity by asking yourself ‘so what?’ every time you make a development in your copy.

After asking these two magic questions, you may have a piece that reads, ‘Our new product helps customers achieve quality requirements and customer satisfaction’ instead of ‘We've launched a boring new piece of kit’.

Seems easy enough if you ask me! You can read the full post here.

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