Is Shoutlet the right outlet?

As I'm sure you’re well aware, social media has become a big part of marketing in a business to business environment. Even ten years ago, the idea that companies would put such trust in websites that rely on unpredictable user input to help their businesses grow would have been preposterous. But it has happened.

By Andy Copland

One reason for this is that people in junior management roles today have grown up around social media. These individuals with buying power may not have used social media when it first appeared, but they were definitely around for its birth and understand its potential.

That’s not to say older businesses people don’t recognise this; in fact some of the most effective social media users I know are in ‘respectable’ age brackets. Nearly every business now has a Facebook page and a twitter profile, but they are still behind the curve. Most treat YouTube as a dumping ground for cheap adverts, whereas new media-savvy businesses utilise YouTube as a proper media channel.

Websites such as Reddit, whilst around for a while, have become a new hunting ground for businesses to get in quick contact with new customers, and to get feedback from existing ones.

On Reddit, a good way to do this is to nominate someone senior to host questions on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ subreddit. Here registered users can ask questions, and the most popular questions are ‘upvoted’ to the top of the page, increasing the chances of it being answered.

Employee feedback 
Social media is also a great way for businesses to help develop communication with and between employees. Whilst wasting time on Facebook is frowned upon, it can still be used to inform the entire work force about a key piece of information in seconds, and to receive employee feedback just as quickly.

New software has been created to target social media use within business to business communication. Tools such as Shoutlet and Objective Marketer aim to collect information form sites such as Twitter and Facebook on one platform to help businesses measure and engage social media.

Using this kind of software allows businesses to quickly gather information previously unavailable to them and utilise it in a way that’s new and interesting. Instead of using YouTube as a graveyard for those failed adverts, data and metrics make it a dynamic way of reaching out to customers and staff.

Who is this Andy Copland guy? You may not recognise that name at the top of the page, so I thought I would introduce myself. I'm a student on work experience placement, completing forty hours in industry for one of my modules at Staffordshire University.

Whilst here I aim to examine the change of language in advertising and marketing since the introduction of social media, and I thought this was the best place to start.

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