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Recently I’ve been lucky enough to come across three really strong blog posts that have changed the way I think about running a web site. Now, in fairness, I think about running a web site quite a lot. So changes in the way I do so are pretty regular. But that’s the life of a content generation agency in 2013 – constantly evolving. 

By Richard Stone

The first of these posts, from e-Consultancy, was entitled, ‘Get into bed with the two per cent: a rule that could transform the impact of your website’.

The author, Ben Harris of Decibel, argues that to improve conversion one should analyse the behaviour of the two per cent, or less, of your visitors that actually buy something. These are the ones whose behaviour tells you really interesting things about what people are looking for from your site.

The second awesome post came from web designer Shell Robshaw-Bryan who explained all the changes you need to understand about the ‘New Google Hummingbird Algorithm’.

If you value natural optimisation as part of your web strategy Shell’s post is essential reading. Forget your Pandas and your Penguins; Hummingbird is a new algorithm – not just an update.

The key opportunity that it creates is for even more independent and expert content, targeting conversational search terms. Great for PR agencies and, if you haven’t already started taking advantage, you should give us a call or drop us an e-mail today.

My final awesome blog post comes from the ever-reliable Chris Rand of BMON and asks a very pertinent question about Hummingbird – which is do we really care about the changes it has made? You can read more here.

Clearly Chris is being provocative with his question and for most the answer is a resounding yes. But, if you analyse your two per cent, as our first blog post suggested, you might just find that actually you are one of the few for whom it doesn’t make a great deal of difference.

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