The dos and don’ts of social media in manufacturing

Social media in manufacturing and engineering PR
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If used correctly, social media platforms can generate potential customers and brand awareness as well as improve customer satisfaction. However, as with all engineering marketing tactics, there are right and wrong ways to use each social media platform. Here are a few tips and techniques we've acquired running social media campaigns for Stone Junction clients.

Choose the right platform – Possibly the most important advice anyone can offer is choosing the right platform. If your potential customers are on Twitter or Facebook and you’re busy looking for opportunities on Google+ then all your efforts are counter productive. Similarly, there are many highly specific social media outlets designed for each industry, from LinkedIn groups to bespoke platforms built with software such as Ning and Mixxt.

Always interact with your audience – Engagement is key. If your page looks like it’s run by a robot who announces things but doesn't speak to anybody then people are less likely to interact with you in turn.

Show interest in posts – It helps to build relationships and your followers may return the favour.

Respond to ALL feedback – Whether positive or negative always respond. In the event that the feedback is negative, staying quiet will only draw more attention to the problem. It’s best to reply and work towards making the feedback positive.

Broadcast but don’t spam – It’s always exciting to hear about your new blog post, news story or product, but more than one of each a day on a busy network like Twitter will only irritate other users. On a quieter network, like LinkedIn, you may need to be even less noisy.

Focus on quality not quantity – A large amount of followers is great but anybody with a pocket full of cash can get this. The important thing is the quality of the earned relationships with your followers. When faced with the choice of 200 irrelevant followers or five strong ones who could turn into potential customers or employees it’s obvious which is more beneficial.

Don’t express mindless dislike for anything – Not liking something is fine, but expressing that dislike without an understanding of the subject will only cause offence.

Leave the politics to the experts – We all like to think we know a fair bit about politics, but the truth is a lot of us aren’t as educated as we’d like to be. It’s wise to keep your political opinions offline - unless they happen to be about the politics of your industry of course. For instance, new legislation, regulations and directives are all fair game. As is Government comment on your sector.

So, once you've mastered these tips, happy Tweeting. Or Vineing. Or Facebooking. Or LinkedIning... Well, you get the picture!

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