Panel builders are spoilt for choice

panel builders are spoilt for choice
Who's the editor now?
By Boris Sedacca

I can’t believe it’s over ten years ago that I started editing Panel Building magazine, now revamped as Panel Building & System Integration (PBSI), together with its online page-turn version

Published by the IML Group, it was originally launched by my erstwhile colleagues James Hunt and Keith Wilson, so I was lucky to take over from these eminent stalwarts of electrical industry journalism.

It was not an easy act to follow and I’m very happy to see the success of PBSI having been continued to this day by my successors, who include Tim Fryer, Les Hunt and currently Alistair Winning, who is also editor of Electronic Product Design & Test.

Having established a quality journal for a thriving niche market, it was inevitable that newcomers would enter the market, and this is to be welcomed in my opinion.

So about three years ago, Datateam Business Media launched its own Enclosure Solutions journal and its online page-turn version under the banner, produced by another respected editor, Rachael Morling, who is also responsible for notable industry titles like Design Solutions and Instrumentation. (As you can see, publishers get their pound of flesh from us editors. :-)

I for one believe that competition benefits both incumbent and newcomer in a market because it stimulates demand in that market more effectively than a single player can.

It’s like having a roadside restaurant and having another restaurant open next door. Initially, both restaurants will fight for the same customers, but once the area becomes known as one for good restaurants, more customers will be attracted to the area.

From a supply point of view, it means that we engineering public relations professionals have more work cut out for us to provide quality feature articles.

Talking of Datateam, FeaturesExec reports that its Specialist Business Media division has taken over Faversham House, acquiring Builders Merchants Journal, and sister publications DIY Week, Heating and Ventilating Review, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration News, Housewares and Hardware & Garden Review.

Have a good weekend all.

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