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‘World’s leading’, ‘forward thinking’ and ‘market leader’ are popular idioms we have grown accustomed to seeing on companies’ websites. The legacy of these overblown expressions can be traced back to the dark ages of marketing, but aren’t they getting a little long in the tooth in this day and age? Perhaps companies could swap the vague and unverifiable ‘world’s leading’ for the more objective ‘award winning’. And here’s how.

(If you want help generating more press coverage, producing award entries or e-mail newsletters, writing a Blog or generating opportunities to speak at events, give us a buzz. We are available on 01785 225416 or you can e-mail richards@stonejunction.co.uk.) Or just read on...

As a PR consultant I have met many marketing executives who don’t think their companies are interesting or exciting enough for journalists and the trade press they write for. Unfortunately, businesses seem to apply this same philosophy whenever business awards are mentioned.

Therefore it becomes clear that it is confidence in one’s organisation or, quite the opposite, lack thereof, that separates the award winners from the rest. Entering an award or a business competition often seems like the hardest thing in the world - the one task that business managers can put off until next year. But the truth is that next year, they will have wished they had entered the previous year and built up on the experience and resources already acquired.

The benefits of entering and winning an award, which we have discussed in a previous blog post, should suffice. But if they don’t, perhaps a more direct business advantage will convince you. Think about the research you need to do in order to complete an application. You have to think about all the interesting things your organisation does and about the people and services which make it great. You would probably have to dig for some facts, figures, business plans and percentages in order to support your entry.

The value in all this is that you will re-learn things about your company and perhaps be able to look at it in a more objective manner as an outsider. This approach can help business managers spot weaknesses and see where there is room for improvement. Entering an award thus becomes a useful exercise for those in search of inspiration and who knows; it may even lead your company to change its About us page to swap ‘world leading’ for ‘Award winning’.

PS: Stone Junction is now offering a full awards consultancy service. So if you would like to have a look at awards we have helped our clients enter (and win), just get in touch and we will be able to select the best ones for you.

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