Why Facebook can work well when combined with e-mail

Tips for using Facebook as an e-mail marketing tool
Tip: Facebook as e-mail marketing tool
Facebook is often written off as a tool for industrial marketing – largely because it’s perceived as a consumer focussed outlet. And, in my view, as a standalone tactic it wouldn't be terribly effective by itself.

However, when it’s built into an integrated campaign it starts to be more useful – in fact we use it ourselves as one element of many of our client projects. (We also use it to good effect for Stone Junction).

Almost as if to prove this very fact, the Vocus Blog has just published an interesting piece on why Facebook can be extremely effective when combined with e-mail marketing. It's well worth a read - the tips in this post demonstrate that integration is crucial in the PR landscape of 2012.

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Richard Stone

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Chris, Vocus Blog said...

Richard - thank you for the link. I think you're right: 2012 is going to show that integrated campaigns are greater than the sum of their parts.