Place your bets, what is the most popular form of communication?

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Place your bets
With so many forms of communication available to us, we’ve been wondering for some time which is the most popular. We suspected that traditional means of keeping in touch have lost terrain, and now we have studies to prove it! The results of Ofcom’s recent Communications market report indicated that… Drum roll please… Text messaging has now become the most frequently used form of communication.

Although British adults say that they would prefer to meet (67%) or speak on the phone (10%) than communicate by text (5%), more than half of them use text messages at least once a day to correspond with family and friends.

The runners up were face-to-face contact (49%), speaking on a mobile phone (47%) and social networking (33%).

Texting is generally viewed as a less intrusive act and thus it limits the chances of rejection. Moreover, it does not put any pressure on the addressee to respond there and then or take any action; this makes texting a face saving act that allows people to give each other space.  

But if in our private lives we choose to hide behind short texts, what about work related communications? What is the best and most efficient way of reaching clients and colleagues? Here at the Stone Junction Towers we prefer Alexander Graham Bell’s machine, as it’s been proven to get the job done quicker and more effectively.

When contacting a journalist to pitch in a story, arrange a factory visit or follow up on previous work, we believe that telephone remains the best form of contact. It also allows us to advocate on behalf of our clients more effectively, use charisma (Those of us who have any – Ed) and sometimes put on funny accents. Just sometimes.

However, e-mail and social media are still great methods of communication in our line of work. In business communications, texting probably falls behind because of its reductive nature and limiting form. It is also a personal way of communicating and may appear to some to be overstepping professional boundaries.   

So if you are looking for a PR agency to pick up the phone and liaise with journalists directly, that’s us. Naturally outgoing, all the Stone Junction team members enjoy building relationships with journalists and giving them a ring to let them know what our clients have been up to recently. But if you want to get in touch, by phone, e-mail, text or messenger pigeon, here are our contact details.

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