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We like a good blog post from relevant industrial marketing specialists around the globe here are Stone Junction. And San Diego based Industrial Interface has recently produced one. It’s part of a series of posts giving simple tips on free market research techniques that can help companies profile themselves, their market and their competition - and all in under 10 minutes

It aims to provide quick, simple methods for carrying out market research and get rid of the assumption held by many companies that such research is inherently time-consuming. At Stone Junction we stalk the social-media savannah, always on the lookout for ways to improve dialogue with our clients. While the techniques outlined in this article are certainly familar to us they could be immensely useful to any business looking to quickly check its profile.

“Surely this is counter-intuitive,” you ask. “A technical PR firm supporting a free PR tool? You’ll put yourselves out of business.” Not at all. The steps outlined in this checklist are beneficial to us precisely because they inform our clients, and a well-informed client is much easier to work with.

Practical, replicable steps such as these lead to smoother discourse and can give us an idea of what needs to be done for the client. A request from a business prospect to, “do some PR for us, or something,” is much less useful than a request to increase online presence in specific way, give tips on search engine optimisation using PR or change the profile of a company in response to competition.

All in all then we’re in full support of this series. Any tool that improves conversation with our clients is okay by us. The fact that it makes our jobs a little easier is nice too.

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