So, thought leadership doesn’t exist. But it is the currency of the social network.

Regular readers will know that yesterday we established beyond all doubt that thought leadership doesn’t exist in technical PR. (Well, kind of. We really said it’s a bit of an abused and overused term – Ed.)

So, logically, we are today pointing you towards a piece of research which suggests that thought leadership (which doesn’t exist) is the currency of the social network.

Confused? Don’t be.

The research, from SAP and Leader Networks, argues that professionals prefer to use a select number of social networks to interact deeply with their peers by sharing knowledge. And the content that we generally regard as being part of a thought leadership focussed campaign is the material that they access to make those connections valuable.

So, if you are blogging, writing opinion pieces, producing videos, drafting white papers or doing any of those other good things we should all do in order to change people’s minds, you are on the right track. It's even better if you are sharing them socially.

You can read the research in its entirety here. It’s well worth taking a look.

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