Should your company Twitter account re-tweet individual staff members’ updates?

Carefully select from employees'
tweets when re-tweeting
Twitter enables a two way conversation and allows companies to personalise their communications with their audience. For this reason, it is essential that the company understands its tone of voice and sends out a consistent message, both on Twitter and across all the social media channels it uses. If a customer or potential customer is engaging with the company on one platform, then they are likely to be involved with others too.

So, today's question is, should your company twitter account re-tweet the tweets of staff members? Well, that depends; before you tweet you should ask yourself these questions:
  •     Why am I tweeting?
  •     Who is my intended audience?
  •     How can I make this more interesting
  •     Would I enjoy reading this if someone else wrote it?
Your employees are likely to use their twitter accounts for both business and leisure. In contrast, all tweets you post on your corporate account, regardless of their origin act as the voice of the company. So, before re-tweeting a staff member's tweet, evaluate the significance of potential re-tweets and their effect on your company’s image.

Here at Stone Junction we don’t see anything wrong with re-tweeting employees’ tweets as long as it’s done responsibly and sensibly. Companies that do engage with twitter in this way are likely to be making the most of the service in building and maintaining online communities. And it's the online community you are building, the two-way conversation, that is the point of the exercise. It's that that is going to deliver ROI.

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