Nephew marketing… or how to shoot yourself in the foot

'Nephew' marketing could seriously
damage your company's image
Technical PR consultants are very much like doctors; people often confess their marketing aches and pains to you and lay bare their company’s internal struggles. From the enquiry stage, all the way through actually working for a client, we are privy to the covert mechanisms that power a business. Just like doctors, we are sometimes asked to cure and strengthen the body of the business. However, sometimes our efforts are sabotaged by homemade remedies.

One of these remedies, almost always trusted by the business manager or owner consists of regular doses of nephew marketing, or nephew SEO or even nephew web design.

This means that in order to cut costs and keep it all in-house, some companies are guilty of subcontracting marketing services to close friends, relatives and housepets. Many believe that this is the perfect way of getting a good marketing strategy, with beautifully designed newsletters and a brilliant website for a fraction of the price. And the recently graduated nephew gets a job as well!

But this type of service doesn’t normally do the company any favours. Amateur e-mail marketing shots and poorly designed logos undermine a professional and corporate image.

Just as homemade remedies don’t have the same health benefits as prescription medicine, promotional activities diligently organised by the manager’s nephew, who in many cases is ‘ahead of his time and far too progressive’ to have ever worked for other companies, can work against the promotional process.

So what we suggest, for the sake of both SMEs and nephews, is that managers seek professional help. That’s not to say that your nephew isn’t the answer. If he’s a specialist PR adviser, qualified SEO expert or marketing consultant, he may well be ideal. In fact, like most people, we’ve come across plenty of family managed businesses that are run incredibly well, by people who are genuinely at the head of their fields.

But that’s not nephew marketing. You’ll know it when you see it and the best thing to do is call in the doctors.

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