Google to overtake the social media scene?

As you may already be aware, Google launched Google+ in July. Adding to the vast array of online services Google already offers, Google + is the search engine’s contribution to the social networking scene.

Google+ for companies is gaining
an increasing number of adopters
Google + integrates social networking with other internet activity in a seamless way. Users are able to create unique pages, add others to circles and selectively share information with specified groups. It also acts as popularity gauge, as people can also recommend websites using the +1 button integrated.

Google+ account can be set up with the ease of a click for existing Google account holders, with the information stored about members being automatically uploaded.

Taking things one step further, Google has now launched ‘Google+ company pages’. As expected from the original Google+ format, members will be able to add brands to their circles as well as recommend them using the sites +1 button.  Behold…another marketing tool! However, brands will also be able to interact with customers via the ‘Hangouts’ video calling feature.

‘Google+ company pages’ will appear in the search engine listings and can also be directly connected to if the user conducts a search with the prefix ‘+’, which will automatically add the page to their network.

Earlier this month Burberry, Angry Birds and Save the Children launched their pages on Google+.

Although these pages are designed to optimise a brands communication for business on the social network, there is a drawback in the fact that the company has to compile their own profiles.  Bearing this in mind, will the new company pages see the same unprecedented growth as the other profile pages on Google+? The success of this venture is likely to indicate the longevity of Google as an independent social network provider. 

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