What should I do with my clippings?

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I thought I would point you towards an article on the BMON Blog that I think everyone involved in technical PR or marketing their own company could learn a little bit from. Entitled, Make that magazine coverage get you some results it advocates re-using coverage from magazines in your company newsletter.

Re-using press coverage in other marketing channels is something we advocate constantly with our clients, especially in those cases where we don’t handle that process for them. In brief, here are our top five suggestions:

• Draft a piece for the company Blog, pointing to the clipping
• Make a series clippings books for your sales teams (these can be virtual clippings books they can open on their iPads of course)
• Re-use the piece in the company newsletter as a link or PDF (as BMON suggest)
• Post links to the clippings on your social media streams
• Put the clippings on your Web site either as a series of links to the original article on the publishers site, or as a .PDF, providing you have the correct permissions

What's stopping you?

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