In a world where everyone is afraid of spiders, the man who isn't afraid of spiders is king*

Spiders. Scary? Nah.
Credit: SweetCrisis
"What makes you guys so good at this technical PR lark anyway," said the potential client.

"We're not afraid of spiders," I explained.

And that's the bottom line really.

Everyone who isn't afraid of spiders will have experienced the strange feeling of being the only one in the room who is completely unworried by something that terrifies everyone else. You can pick up the timid, little arachnid and put it safely outside, out of harm's way and out of the way of the arachnophobes.

It's like having a superpower; you can do easily something that is impossible to others.

It's a feeling that will also be familiar to salesmen everywhere. When your less brave colleagues are patting you on the back for making a sale and you are thinking, "All I did was tell them we wanted the business, explain why we deserved it and ask them to give it to us! It's not rocket science!"

And it isn't; salesmanship isn't a dark art and neither is technical PR. Sure, there are complex minutae associated with each industry, but when it comes down to it they are simple.

In both you have to be brave enough to ask for the thing you want. And you have to be brave enough to deserve it as well - which is most of the battle. You just can't afford to be afraid of spiders.   

* Or words to that effect, according to Erasmus' Adagia.

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Richard Stone

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