Interesting data suggest H2 tags still have a role to play in SEO

Those readers of this column who follow the role of SEO in the marketing mix will be aware that, for some time, the value of H (Headline) tags as part of the on page optimisation mix has been questioned. However, some new data has emerged that suggests that it may only be H1 tags that have lost value, while H2 tags have remained important.

If true, this would be surprising because in the old days it was the H1 tag that ruled the SEO roost.

The data comes from the SEOMoz 2011 search engine factors survey. The survey is conducted by asking a number of global SEO experts their opinion on what has worked over the last year and correlating that with SEOMoz’s own search data.

As you can see from the table below, H2 tags figure surprisingly high on the list, after a few of the usual suspects:

Technical SEO for engineering companies

From an industrial marketing point of view this is good news. Technical data has always been more suited to subdecks and sub headlines than most copy and now we have a really good reason to make sure we use some in our Web copy. Just make sure you, or whoever creates your Web pages for you, creates sub headings using the H2 styling, not by just bolding some text and making it bigger!

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