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Technical PR news: Last week there were 27 national press articles published on the subject of the coalition’s new energy policy, which is intended to reduce carbon emissions to half of 1995 levels by 2027.

Great, as you might know I’m a big greenie and I do lots of energy saving technology PR. Good news for me then.

But wait, only 27 articles you say? Across all of the UK’s national newspapers and publications including the BBC online? That doesn’t sound like much.

It isn’t, especially when one considers that Chris Huhne speeding point mess garnered 145 articles in the same media.

Do I suspect that the coalition spin doctors might have been hard at work keeping this key piece of news out of the press to reduce criticism? Maybe.

But this does illustrate a good point; news is all about conflict. Chris Huhne is alleged to have committed a misdemeanour in transferring his points = conflict. Mr Huhne and his wife are getting divorced = conflict and scandal.

So the lesson is, if you want a good story build in a little bit of conflict. The saga of the carbon emissions is a case study if you want to see the best way of hiding a massive story. A good scrap is the way forward if you want some column inches.

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