Did Asda sell its petrol cheaply on purpose?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that Asda in West Yorkshire accidentally sold its petrol for 12.9p per litre last week.

The key word here is ‘accidentally’. The story generated a huge amount of press and broadcast coverage for Asda, all of which focussed directly on the petrol blunder.

However, those of you familiar with the way we remember the news stories that we come in to contact with, will probably already have guessed what most people will remember from this story.

I think the takeaway will be 'Asda + cheap petrol + cheapest petrol ever'. Particularly when one factors in the quotes from Asda spokesmen who said, "We’re well known for having the lowest prices in town, but clearly this was a mistake."

So, one has to wonder just how much of a mistake this mistake was.

Can you do the same thing with engineering PR though? Or is this just a trick for consumer marketing?

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Richard Stone

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Paul Downey said...

It's much easier to do this sort of PR in the consumer market, as it crosses over to a mainstream audience and will in turn garner more attention.
Great blog.