Bebo - Blog early, blog often?! Again?

Bebo adds new responses. Amazing. 
Many of you may not even remember Bebo and its heyday. The site was launched in San Francisco in 2005 and briefly became Britain’s most popular social networking site. It was bought by AOL in 2007 for over $850M. Its demise came only five years later when AOL allegedly sold the business for a fraction of the acquisition price.

At the beginning of the week, Bebo announced a complete revamp and was re-launched in a desperate attempt to counteract the hero of the hour – Facebook. Amongst the new features Bebo is promoting are new buttons that users can apply to make ‘cutting-edge’ social comments such as "cool", "sorry" and even "OMG".

In addition to these unique features, Bebo users will get 'extra' control over which of their 'friends' are in the 'news feed' and also get the ability to 'dial down' those that are there too often or are 'friends' who really aren't 'friends' anymore and can therefore be removed at a the touch of a button. OMG! How cool is that?

It is clear to me that Bebo’s new ambitions will not come to fruition any time soon. Inventing the fork in the XXI century wouldn’t really be a breakthrough. All of these outrageously “new and useful” elements Bebo is adding have previously been used by Hi5, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, Friends Reunited…and Facebook.
In today’s virtual universe, it’s almost impossible to defeat tested and well established formulas such as Facebook. In order to be truly successful, Bebo would need to completely re-invent itself as a niche networking site, offering something new to the market.

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