Back to basics: What makes for a newsworthy press release?

News...Tomorrow's chip paper. 
The issue of what makes news has been discussed on countless forums and blogs and in multiple how-to guides. Whether we are talking about a feature in an industry specific publication or a press release, here a few guidelines for making sure that your piece is going to gain media attention.

1. The topic of your press release: When considering the subject of your piece take a moment to reflect on its relevance and impact. Is it going to significantly affect your organisation, its employees and partners? Is this event likely to influence the business environment, the community or, at a larger scale, your niche or local economy? Below you can find a few suggestions for newsworthy topics for your press releases:

- The launch of a new product or service
- The opening of a new division or a new outlet for your business
- Appointment of a senior member of staff
- A prize/award your organization has won recently (or has been nominated for)
- A strategic partnership with another prominent organisation in the industry
- The launch of a corporate social responsibility campaign or the involvement of your organisation in charity work
- The results of an industry study or a piece of research

2. Timeliness: The social circumstances and the media context should always be taken into account when writing a press release. If your news story is in connection to a recent event the industry media has focused on, you are more likely to raise interest from journalists. In addition, addressing or responding to a recent economic, industrial or social event can help raise the profile of your business and paint the picture of a professional and objective organisational stance.

3. Simplification: Journalists want your press release to be simple and straightforward. If you can summarise the who, what, when, where and how of your story without the excess information, it is more likely to be informative and to the point and newsworthy.

Although there are no strict recipes for what makes news, considering your engineering communications in a detached and objective manner will help guide you through the complicated maze of writing interesting copy.

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Oana Baetica - Technical PR consultant

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Nick Stamoulis said...

A press release is a great way to get the word out there. However, the most important thing is that it needs to provide is some sort of value or information. Too often people want to submit a press release that really doesn't have any news. A bad press release won't get you far.