How to dominate SERPs results

How to dominate SERPs results with technical PR
Dominate search results, just like Dr Evil dominates the world. 

Recently I was asked what a contact of mine could do about a search term that was showing up in Google Suggest when a user typed in his brand name. The search engine was showing his name and the name of a competitor as the first suggested term and similar results in relation to other competitors further down the list. 

This article on the SEOMoz Blog demonstrates an elegant (but expensive sounding) solution that a company in the US employed when they had a similar problem. In this case their name was showing up alongside the word ‘con’ in Google Suggest.

In the article the author describes the lengths to which he went to ensure that anyone looking up his client’s name alongside the word ‘con’ would only find positive results. It seems to me that it might have been simpler to not do anything that would cause the Web pages represented by those results to appear in the first place!

Despite this, the article is a great example of search engine domination for a particular phrase and a genuine example of best practice within the field. Well worth a read.

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