How long does it take to get my site listed on Google?

How long does it take to get my site listed on Google?
Google. Well toilet paper called Google. Which is similar.
Clients often ask me how long it will take for Google to rank my site or Blog once it’s online. Unfortunately the answer isn't definitive; it can take anything from a few days to six months. Very occasionally it can take the same amount of time to reflect changes you make to your site to improve its optimisation as well.

There are things you can do to ensure the process is as speedy as possible though. The first is to add the site to Google’s long list of sites to crawl here. However, even when you have done this, Google only promises to crawl (take a look at) your site and doesn't guarantee to actually index it.

A good way to assist with this process is to sign up to Google's Webmaster Tools (which I highly recommend) and submit a sitemap. If you are running a Blog, rather than a Website, you can use your RSS feed in place of a site map. Another way to encourage Google to rank you is by generating lots of high quality inbound links; again this is no guarantee but it helps.

These inbound links can be from high quality directories, social media sites, online news sites and Blogs as well as the sites of friendly businesses. I would avoid 'cheap' tactics like mass submission article marketing and go for high quality links. The former is likely to diminish your ultimate SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) performance, not improve it. These can also be submitted to Google, or pinged, if needed.

In addition a high Page Rank can increase the frequency with which your site is re-assessed by Google. This isn’t because of the rank itself though; rather because of the things that contribute to creating it in the first place.

You can measure your site rank (likely to be zero if you believe you haven't yet been indexed) by adding the Google toolbar to your browser and just going to your site.

There's no guarantee that any of this will result in your site being indexed though. SEO is a science and like most sciences there isn't a definitive set of answers available for every question. Google is a lot like the real world in that sense; you have to rely on the research of others and your own research in order to build hypotheses on what works and what doesn't.

Sadly, unlike real science where proven findings tend to stay proven (unless they were wrong in the first place) in SEO everything changes regularly as Google updates its processes or a game changer like Facebook search comes along. All of a sudden it's as if gravity ceases to be a force that attracts objects towards the metal core of the earth and just stops mattering anymore.

Page Rank is a great case in point. Once it was a key ranking factor in your site's performance, not it's only an indicator of the other things that might affect your site's performance.

So, the bottom line is this; you site will be indexed by Google, providing you don’t try to game the search engine. But it will take an unspecified amount of time. And when it is indexed, you will need to spend yet more time improving that ranking in a scientific world where the variables change constantly. Nothing to worry about then, really...

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