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Technical PR company moves offices
Regular readers of this Blog will notice that I haven’t posted as often as normal during the month of December. This is mainly because Stone Junction Towers has been a hive of activity of other kinds. We've been busily bringing new clients on-board and preparing to move office over the New Year period.

This is really exciting for me as it represents Stone Junction’s first move out of a home office. Historically, I've run the company from home to reduce the overheads, but it’s made it a tad difficult to bring on support that isn’t freelance or part time. The move to an office will allow me the space for a couple of people to work with me full time, which in turn will create more capacity and allow Stone Junction to further improve its service to clients.

But I will tell you more about the addition of people in 2011. For now, here’s the new office address:

Stone Junction Limited
Business Innovation Centre
Staffordshire Technology Park
Stafford, Staffordshire
ST18 0AR

Our telephone number will remain the same and, of course, any post you accidentally send to the existing address will still reach me as I will still be living there!

And finally, before I sign off, a couple of changes in the media that might interest you. The December 2010 issue of EPN magazine will be the last edition that appears in printed form: from January 2011 onwards, the print edition will stop and EPN will continue in its digital format only. There is still going to be a .PDF available in magazine format and the Website is already excellent. It features daily Blogs on both industrial automation and electronics parts distribution.

Also, publisher Unity Media has announced it has suspended Public Sector and Local Government Building magazine as well as its associated online platforms. The publisher of the monthly magazine announced the suspension as temporary and intends to review the decision at a later date.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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