Twitter gets a new interface

Twitter gets a new interface and it's influence on technical PRYou may have noticed that Twitter has got a new, three column, interface – if you’re one of the lucky one per cent of users who Twitter rolled the system out to yesterday. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, there are some big changes worth noting and incorporating into your technical PR campaign.

Firstly, the search functionality has improved drastically, making it easier for you to find people to follow and easier for them to find you. As a result, it’s much more important to use hash tags and key words in your Tweets. After all, if there are followers to be had for your brand, you don’t want to let them go begging.

Next, there is now the option to expand images and video in the right two columns on the right hand side of the interface. And we all know a picture speaks a thousand words. As a result, particularly if you are using Twitter to communicate with journalists it is well worth adding images to your broadcast Tweets. (Don’t know the difference between broadcast and interaction? Give me a buzz.)

You may also notice that your background and design needs a re-jig and that the third party functionality of some Twitter clients has taken a hit. If so, there is tweaking to be done.
Finally, the trend function in Twitter has been brought to the fore with much more intent. As a result, you will probably find that there is much more focus on trending a topic in Twitter than ever before.

So, if you are a Tweeter, Twitterer, or member of the Twitterati it’s well worth actually going to the site and having a look. If you are one of the lucky one per cent!

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