How to automatically re-tweet particular themes

How to automatically re-tweet particular themesHave you ever wished you could automatically re-Tweet every mention of your brand name on Twitter, or every mention of your particular niche of engineering? Well, if you have, it’s your lucky day as the nice folk over at HubPages have posted an article on how to exactly that.

It’s not an easy process, but it is a worthwhile one. If you have ever searched twitter for references to your profile that don’t use a hash tag or @ marker, you will probably have found quite a few. The people making these references could be potential customers or partner or evangelists for your brand. As a result, it makes sense to find them, re-tweet their content and then follow them, encouraging them to do the same with you.

This is exactly where the method described on HubPages comes into play. It isn’t very easy, but it isn’t difficult for anyone with a little social media experience either. You will need a Yahoo account, a basic understanding of RSS and a Twitter Feed account. Best of luck!

Richard Stone

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