Ways to build relevant inbound links to your Blog or Web site

Generating inbound links using Blogging techniquesBuilding relevant inbound links isn’t an easy task. Each link will take some time and effort, like most worthwhile things should. If it doesn’t sound like it will require any real work, for example a piece of software offers you hundreds of ‘effortless’ links or a consultant offer mountains of links a month, then the chances are it’s not really worthwhile. If you have found the exception to this rule, then let me know!

So, I thought I would devote this week to talking about building links using different techniques – Blogging, technical PR, social media and traditional Web site content.

Today’s Blogging suggestion is simple – make lists. If you want to build links in a geographical area, particular industry or Blogging sector, find the sites that you believe are the best in that area and make a list of them. Write each a short review, tag the page well, so that the person you are linking to gets genuine benefit from a relevant page and let them know you have done it.

Some of the site owners you mention in this way will respond with a reciprocal link, a mention in an article on their site or Blog or by building a similar list. Some won’t – that’s why it isn’t easy!
The key is that by building links in this way any you obtain in return will be high quality and relevant. And the outbound links won’t be a waste of link juice providing you don’t create too many!

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