To embed links in press releases or not to embed links in press releases, that is the question

Embedded links - Very useful in engineering PR campaigns.The DWPubSporadic Blog has got an interesting post on it about the number of press releases being issued that contain links or embedded links. Apparently this figure has increased by 40% since 2007, which is no surprise.

The folks at DWPubSporadic make the point that they think that all press releases should include embedded links and, by and large, I think they are probably right. However, don’t expect those links to be published in every piece of online coverage you get - or indeed in the vast majority of them.

Journalists are, generally, not daft. They can spot a marketing tactic a mile off and quite a lot of them understand SEO reasonably well. As a result, they may not be desperate to include an embedded link in an article that says you are the ‘world’s leading widget manufacturer’, ‘global leader in sprocket manufacture’ or 'best technical PR Company in the world' for instance.

However, if you embed the links where they are of genuine use as part of the journalist’s research into the story, they might be more likely to include them in their own piece. If the link points to something of real use to a reader, you chances also improve hugely.

So, my advice is embed away, but do so intelligently.

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