Generating inbound links using PR

Generating inbound links using techical PRYesterday I promised to devote the week to discussing ways to develop inbound links using different marketing tactics. For those of you who missed it, I’ve already covered a Blogging technique that will help you achieve this. Today I’m, looking at using technical PR as a method for developing those all important inbound links.

Don’t presume that because you’ve included your Web site address at the bottom of a press release you’ve done enough to generate a link. Of course you will get some, but there’s a strong change they won’t be embedded and thus, while they are beneficial, they won’t be the most beneficial kind of link you could have.

Generating embedded links is much harder. The best way to do it is to offer collateral on your web site that is off use to both the reader and the journalist you are sending the press material to. This could be a guide, a more in depth technical article on the subject or some other kind of download. I doubt that just ‘get a copy of our brochure here’ will suffice though.

The next method is to simply embed the links in your outbound press material. This does work - but only if the link is of value to the journalist or their reader. A link to the relevant product page on your Web site might help, but embedding a link to your homepage in the phrase ‘we make the world’s best widgets’ is more than likely to be removed straight away.

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