Some very positive changes to LinkedIn

Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn knows all about Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR & Electronics PR.Linkedin has undergone some very positive changes recently. Firstly, it’s improved its ‘status update’ or micro blogging functionality. Secondly, it’s added the ability to ‘follow’ companies, so you can keep up to date with the organisation as well as the employee.

This represents a further move away from the ‘having a CV online’ approach that LinkedIn has been unfairly associated with. It’s also really interesting in light of Facebook’s recent attempts to take over the Internet with its own ‘like’ button.

The benefits are twofold. The change to the status updates allows you to engage in a more Twitter-like conversation with your contacts. Historically, you updated your status and that was it; people could only interact by ‘replying’ to it. Now they can ‘like’ it, leave a message direct on the status update or reply. This creates the possibility that really useful status updates created as part of your technical PR campaign could spread, virally, across LinkedIn.

The ability to follow companies is even more interesting. By doing so you can see all the people listed on LinkedIn as working for that company and then use it to contact them. For anyone interested in making sales to anyone else this is a God-send.

So, if you aren’t already on LinkedIn and using it, join and start. It’s getting more and more useful every day.

PS – And if you are already a member, feel free to get in touch using the site.

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