Should you turn the ‘comments’ off on your Blog?

Should you disable comments on your technical PR Blog?There are lot of methods of deciding how many people value the content of your Blog, but the amount of comments you get isn’t the best one. With the advent of social media, the vast majority of users who have something to say will do so via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or even on their own Blog.

But is this a good or bad thing? Well, the benefit of getting comments is that you build a lively community on your own site. This could be essential if you use your Blog for taking technical queries from customers and providing information about product updates and developments for instance. However, if, like this Blog, it is used for sharing opinion with customers and potential customers, perhaps the number of comments is not so important.

Personally, I would rather the debate is taken to as many different outlets as possible. I value the re-Tweets and Twittererati debate my Blog provokes. I value the Diggs and bookmarks and, of course, I value the comments you all leave on the site from time to time.

But most of all I value the other Blog posts it prompts people to write, because that creates a permanent thing of value; the inbound links that process generates.

So, when you are considering whether to turn on or turn off the ‘comments’ function on your Blog, consider where you want the debate to happen. The answer and the reason for the answer is different for everyone; just make sure your decision is an informed one.

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