Don't forget trade and tech!

Trade and technical PR, Trade and technical Industrial PR, Trade and technical Manufacturing PR, Trade and technical Engineering PR, Trade and technical electrical PR, Trade and technical electronics PRGeorge Bennett of Industrial Technology magazine raised a good point in one of his newsletters recently when he asked whatever happened to trade and technical PR? The point George was making was that it’s now much more fashionable to brand oneself a B2B marketer than a trade and tech specialist, even if you actually are the latter.

George compares someone doing B2B work for Microsoft and someone promoting widgets for an engineering firm. There is a clear difference, the former is in fact a highly consumer like process while the latter is much more specialised.

I must confess that I’ve fallen foul of forgetting the concept of trade and technical myself on occasion. Sometimes in the rush to become more sophisticated we can forget the things that have been working along and still continue to work.

Very early in my career a friend at another agency asked me if I did much national press work or if it was ‘just trade and technical’. The word ‘just’ in that sentence stuck with me for a long time, as if it implied that T&T was in some way inferior to B2C work. It isn’t, it’s just different and it’s also different to the overarching B2B market.

These days I celebrate the differences as well as learning from them. Long live T&T!

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Richard Stone

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