New reporter on The Engineer and a new editor for ERT

New reporter on The Engineer and a new editor for ERT - Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR & Electronics PRThis week has once more seen the seismic moves in the technical publishing industry overshadow such minutiae as the Queen’s speech and the global Revcon conference, where the future of the world’s nuclear weapons is being decided.

Chief among these moves is The Engineer’s decision to appoint a new reporter, Stephen Harris, who will join on June 7. It’s just all go in technical publishing.

Not only is this but Sean Hannam is set to take over as editor of ERT, a fortnightly title featuring information on the electrical retailing industry. Sean will take over from current Editor Simon King.

Further excitement comes in the form of the ENDS Report website, which has re-launched. It now features ten new specialist channels covering carbon and energy efficiency, waste and recycling, water, products and supply chain, green strategy, ecology and land, law and compliance, pollution and health, transport and renewables. They have also launched a new section of the site, the ENDS Report Carbon & Energy Efficiency channel, which is set to feature online news, analysis and blog postings.

And finally a quick mention of another Blog that’s come to my attention this week. Blogger Phil Clark writes about writes about sustainability in building over at Zerochampion. This includes discussion on the impact of politics and the economy on businesses that provide sustainable and green alternatives to the building industry, as well as commentary on changing attitudes to greenness of all kinds.

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