Changes to Google’s Webmaster Tools

This chap is a Webmaster. A bit like Google's Webmaster tool. Only not. Anyway, this Blog is generally about Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR and Electronics PR don'tchaknow?Until today my view of Google’s Webmaster tools has been that it’s useful for submitting your Blog or Web site’s site map or RSS feed but not for much else. However, news that the tool will now include a breakdown of the number of impressions and click throughs your site is receiving for the search terms that Google sees as most relevant to it is very interesting. And it could make the Webmaster Tools much more useful.

For me, the biggest reason this is helpful is that you can now see how relevant your site is to each of your search terms. For instance, for my site I regard the search terms “Technical PR”, “Engineering PR”, “Industrial PR”, “Manufacturing PR” and “Electronics PR” as key to the results it produces. Soon I will be able to use Google Webmaster tools to tell me if they are or not. Google also shows a list of your site's pages that were linked to from the search results for that search query.

The key here is that you will be able to see how many times a particular phrase is displayed, as explained by Jill Whalen of High Rankings here, "This new data, assuming it's accurate, provides a new layer of information beyond that which we can typically get elsewhere," Whalen continues. "As far as I know, there's no other way to know the actual number of times an organic listing in Google is shown to people for a given keyword phrase. That's pretty interesting and important information!"

So, changes to Webmaster Tools are definitely useful. But why have they been implemented? Is this just a hobby project of someone in Google’s research team or is it part of a larger plan? Perhaps the same one that is currently creating such confusion over Page Rank? We will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, if you aren’t already using the tool you should sign up. It’s easy and can be done via your Google profile.

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